Many more happy returns of the day to my Boy

Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake for Mama's Boy

My boy turned 7 and to celebrate his special day I decided to bake him a chocolate cake because he's sooo fond of chocolates.....To make it more chocolatey, I decided to frost it with a chocolate frostings! But didn't want the usual frostings -buttercream, whipping cream or ganache; so decided to play with a mousse frosting!! And what more can I say---it was utterly delicious. 

The recipe for the Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake is from my favourite book Cake by Rachel Allen!! I am not posting the recipe here and but you could visit this link for the recipe... 

And a word of caution to all weight watchers; health and calorie conscious readers out there... This cake is definitely not your cup of tea as the cake itself uses eight eggs and the mousse just six... *smile*.... But if you want to indulge go ahead, you won't regret..... though make sure you are able to stop after a serving or so, which is very difficult....*winks*.....

That is all I got to capture to show you the layers..... I actually forgot to click a picture of the slice!!!

Here are few cakes that I have baked with Rachel Allen - The Chocolate Cake with Blue Buttercream Icing and the White Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Ganache.