Mocha Chocolate Mascarpone Verine

Happy New Year 2012

Hi dears....I know it's late, but "Better late then never" *smiles*....So how was your Christmas and New Year???Hope you guys had fun!!!What are your new resolutions for this year??As for me, I had spent my X'mas n New Year back at home with my parents resolutions (since I don't stick to any!); just prayers that this year is gonna be a good one too....*smiles*

I was wondering what I would bake first in the New Year.....went through many recipes and finally spotted this particular recipe of a simple and delicious dessert by Ria Jobin.....I got this recipe of hers from Vanitha....You could also find this in her blog. But unfortunately, the pictures didn't come out quite was a total disaster!!Will surely re-post with better pictures asap....

Recipe source: Ria's collection

1. Mascarpone cheese - 100gm
2. Amul cream - 150gm
3. Instant coffee (strong) - 1/4 cup
    Sugar - 2-3 tbsps
4. Chocolate cake/brownies - 4 slices
5. Sugar syrup - 1/4 cup

  • Prepare the syrup by boiling equal quantity of sugar and water. Let it cool.
  • Beat the mascarpone cheese softly.
  • Beat the fresh cream till fluffy. Add sugar and coffee and mix well. Add this mixture to the cheese and incorporate. This is the mocha cream.
  • Next, slice the cake (depending on the shape of the glass used) and place a small slice in the glass. Pour some syrup on it to soften the cake.
  • Then, pour the mocha cream on the cake.
  • Again, keep a slice of the cake on the mocha cream and repeat the above process.
  • Refrigerate for an hour.
  • Decorate according to your imagination and serve cool.
Note: I used marble cake instead of chocolate cake. Moreover, I used a lighter coffee powder, since I didnt want it to taste bitter for my kids. And I had made my mocha cream slightly loose.